About Beast

With a millennial state of mind, Beast is comprised of an international group of dynamic MBAs, early stage venture strategists, business analysts, creative directors, digital marketing strategists, brand specialists and human centered designers equipped with the toolsets of the millennial generation and fluency as digital natives.

Meet Our Team

Timmy Wahba

CO-Founder & CEO
Timmy is responsible for the overall health of Beast. A relentless business leader, he has a well-rounded and diverse career that experience includes  angel investment, startup maturity and corporate innovation. Timmy is also Preisident of an angel investment group called the Columbia Angel Group & Entrepreneurs, the venture investment platform for alumni of Columbia University, he serves as a co-founder and Director of Strategic Growth at Projective Space, a influential coworking space of NYC's startup elite of high-growth VC funded ventures.

Meder Mamutov

Financial Strategist
Meder is Beast go-to financier, high output, and devourer of information to better understand the future and scalability of innovation. He wears the feasibility hat and critical decision making process in early stage startups. Meder graduated the School of Business at San Francisco State University with Cum Laude and played a starting forward for the City College of San Francisco soccer team.

Nazish Tazeem

Business Analyst
Naz identifies new growth markets, unlocks new expansion opportunities, understands the structure of a market from customers' point of view, and conducts competitive analysis to launch new products with precision and confidence. She has previous business research experience at Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School. Prior to joining Beast, she worked on the Innovation Synergies and the Future Possible Worlds research projects at Columbia Business School  Center on Global Brand Leadership. Nazish graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a major in Economics and received her MA in Film & Media Studies from Columbia University.

Harold Padilla

Venture Strategist
Harold Padilla collaborates in catalyzing ideas into innovative business models. He explores and applies new design approaches into the new democratized venture investment landscape….and gets awesome results. He has a systemic “big picture” thinking approach; experience in open innovation research and development of triple helix collaborations focused on fostering innovation culture and leadership in organizations. Harold holds a BSc in Economics and a MSc Strategic Design and Management from Parsons School of Design.

Chaoya Li

Product Designer & Strategist
Chaoya is  a UX/Product designer who enjoys approaching complex problems using interdisciplinary mindset and creating meaningful solutions. He combines design thinking and engineering mindset to create and rapid prototype services, interactive experiences and products. He graduated from Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. He worked as a UX Designer at CMU's Ludolab to create game and user interfaces for Twitch audience participation.